WHATTHEFACT? NO! Junet Mohamed did not say this

Quote attributed to the Suna East MP false

A screen doing the rounds on social media attributed to Junet Mohamed, the MP for Suna East in Migori County, is fake.

Junet Mohamed quote is false and is thusfake news
Junet Mohamed quote is false and is thus fake news

Kenyans.co.ke, the news website credited as the source of the quote, has confirmed that they did not create it.

The office of the MP also confirms to WhatTheFact that he did not utter those words.

The quoted text reads as follows”

Why should I apologize for saying the truth? Am not a coward, next year its our time to eat. The problem with the people of the mountain is that they think we are so desperate for their votes, we have been winning previous elections without them and in 2022 weeks (sic) can still win without them.

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