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EU calls for lower political temperature

Ambassador says media plays a huge role

The European Union ambassador to Kenya has urged local media to preach peace and not stoke violence ahead of the 2022 general election.

Saying the political environment in Kenya was becoming hotter, the envoy Henriette Geiger said media had a responsibility to calm the waters and not make the situation worse through their reporting.

“So the temperature is already very hot now and the way media reports can either increase the temperature or lower the temperature. What we need is lowering the temperature” Geiger said.

She was speaking at a Nairobi hotel on Thursday at the start of a two- day conference on enhancing Media and Civil Society collaboration towards the 2022 general elections. The forum is organised by the Kenya Correspondents Association.

“The media is key to keep that pre-election phase peaceful. This is all in our common interest but we know as international partners that this not in our hands but in yours. If there is no peace, we will all lose,” he ambassador said.

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