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200B for bottom-up model, says William Ruto

Money to be used to prop up small businesses

Deputy President William Ruto has formed his campaign around the ‘bottom-up’ economic model.

What is the ‘bottom-up economic model?

Bottom-up refers to an economic model whose focus is geared towards supporting the micro, small and medium enterprises. This model, he says, will first focus at the lowest level of the economic pyramid to ensure that small businesses have the ability to get financing required to scale their enterprises, while farmers have affordable inputs.

Budgetary support?

Yes. Dr. Ruto has pledged to support this model with KES 200B in his first budget as president.

How specifically? What are the allocations?

  1. 100B towards the rolling out of programs that will give employment to the youth.
  2. 50B towards soft loans to SME’s via saccos and cooperatives.
  3. 50B towards the agricultural sector for seeds, fertilizer and inputs.

The expected outcome?

Four million jobs within the first year of his presidency

William Ruto pledges four (4) million jobs - WhatTheFact
William Ruto pledges four (4) million jobs – WhatTheFact
NTVVideo from json vybz

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